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At Memorial Park Funeral Homes and Cemetery, passion creates meaningful action. We understand the gravity of loss. We respect the emotions that families face. And we sensitively guide them to a place of comfort and relief. As an organization, we strive to put ourselves into the shoes of our client families. As such, we demonstrate our duty to care for the departed, comfort the living and help families plan for the future. We see no greater honor than reverently caring for the remains and final resting places of those who have passed on. Whether a family has chosen burial, cremation or mausoleum entombment, we see to every detail with a personal approach you won’t find anywhere else in the profession. We act with passion. We listen with integrity. We care with reverence. Losing a loved one is one of life’s most painful and difficult experiences. It comes loaded with questions, stress and confusion that no one should have to face alone. We comfort families in times of loss with professional assistance at every turn, including end-of-life ceremonies and custom memorialization that beautifully capture the memories of those they’re designed to honor.

Houston, TX
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The company routinely shows me I am valued. It values my ideas and commitment. It doesn't matter what your role is here, all people's opinions are considered.

The passion to care for everybody, looking at current tends and adapting to them.

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