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About Data Facts, Inc.

Since 1989, Data Facts, Inc has provided information you trust and rely on to make sound business decisions. Data Facts, Inc. is accredited by the NAPBS and has offices across the United States. We provide crucial information for a broad variety of business needs, such as background screening for employment, tenant screening for residential firms, and up-to-date financial background data for mortgage companies. Our top of the line technology delivers information quickly, accurately and securely. For more information about Data Facts, Inc. visit Follow us on Twitter @DFlending or @DFscreening. Like us on Facebook at “Data Facts Lending Solutions” and “Data Facts Background Screening”.

Financial Services & Insurance
Memphis, TN

What employees say

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Work schedule flexibility, and the pay is pretty good too!

The respectful and kind way that everyone is treated on a daily basis.

Our work is very interesting and there are so many different scenarios that make you think outside the box.

I get to help people obtain their dreams of owning a home and it is very fulfilling.

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