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The Urban Ecology Center fosters ecological understanding as inspiration for change, neighborhood by neighborhood. Our Environmental Community Centers: Provide outdoor science education for urban youth. Protect and use public natural areas, making them safe, accessible and vibrant. Preserve and enhance these natural areas and their surrounding waters. Promote community by offering resources that support learning, volunteerism, stewardship, recreation, and camaraderie. Practice and model environmentally responsible behaviors.

Milwaukee, WI
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Staff and friends at Opening of Three Bridges Park in Menomonee Valley

Urban Ecology Center staff members like to play!

Urban Ecology Center staff member helps to identify an insect.

Urban Ecology Center staff, intern and high school outdoor leader

What employees say

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The people that I work with, the mission we all work together to achieve, and the support I get in my work and personal life.

Inspires me to do my very best for our essential mission - connecting kids and adults to the urban nature in their community.

Giving me the flexibility and support I need to reach my personal and professional goals.

I feel like I am doing meaningful work and making an impact in our neighborhoods and on the earth. I love to talk to other people about the work we do and I enjoy coming to work each day!

Feeling like I'm making an impact in our neighborhoods and our city. We do good work! And wonderful and flexible leadership.

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