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Standard Electric Supply Co. is one of the top 100 electrical distributors in the country. Electrical distribution is a cutting edge industry that buys, sells, and delivers thousands of products from the companies that make them (manufacturers) to the people who use them (contractors, factory maintenance, do-it-yourself, and original equipment manufacturers). Standard Electric sells primarily to original equipment manufacturer's and other industrial companies.

Distribution, Logistics, & Freight
Milwaukee, WI
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Standard Electric's Engineering Support Team

The opening of the Standard Electric location in Appleton in 1991.

Standard Electric's building on 5th street in the 1950s, where the Bradley Center is today.

What employees say

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The dedication to the people. They have embraced the qualities that you see nearly eliminated in most organizations today. People are still valued, recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

I feel I am a part of a great team.

Standard allows me to meet my goals and needs.

I have the ability to make unlimited income, and the people I work with are great to work with.

They want you to grow as an individual and in our position.

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