St. Francis Children's Center

About St. Francis Children's Center

St. Francis Children’s Center is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that serves children from birth through 18 years of age. Our mission is to serve and educate children with special needs in inclusive environments enabling them to reach their greatest potential.

Milwaukee, WI
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Preschool Story Time

Painting with the Young Toddlers

Employees enjoying one of our indoor play areas!

Infant and Therapist

What employees say

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I am allowed the time to work with the teachers, students, and families. My ideas are respected and I see the possibility of expanding our program to more families.

Respects and nurtures her staff.

I have great coworkers who really care about what they do. My manager supports me by providing regular feedback.

Good people everywhere! The employees here are genuinely kind and compassionate. You can tell that people really care about their work and everyone is treated with respect.

I am motivated by my awesome coworkers and the kids and families that we work with. I am making a difference by working here.

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