About Inpro

Since 1979, Inpro® has been making and servicing products with an obsessive commitment to protecting the appearance of buildings and the health and safety of the people who use them. Inpro is a privately held company with a sole owner who values employees above all else. While many companies express the idea of an “employees first” culture, Inpro lives it on an hourly basis.While many have questioned us over the years as to why we state our employees are number one, above all else, the simple answer is: Have you ever witnessed an upset, unmotivated, angry and disengaged employee make a customer happy? At Inpro it begins with our employees and flows outward to everything else we do. Employees who are treated well beyond their expectations will always make sure they have the best interests of Inpro at heart. In turn, ownership and senior management makes certain they have the employees’ best interests at heart. It is these three key strengths of a high-performing employee base, world-class manufacturing operations, and our proven dedication to sustainability that place us in the upper percentile of companies our size.

Muskego, WI
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Inpro Corporation World Headquarters

Inpro Employees helping to keep our environment and neighborhoods clean.

Inpro's Chairman and CEO getting soaked for a good cause!

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What employees say

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I feel I'm making a difference in the lives of children and their parents.

The future is bright, co-workers are excellent, culture is awesome.

I'm working with good, honest people that are willing to help me improve.

This company strives for greatness and wants everyone to succeed.

How much time and effort everyone takes to give 100 percent for the customer.