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Douglas Dynamics is North America’s premier manufacturer of vehicle attachments and equipment. For more than 65 years, the company has been innovating products that maximizes job efficiency while also enabling businesses to increase profitability Douglas Dynamics’ commitment to continuous improvement is foundational to producing the highest quality of products and driving shareholder value. The Douglas Dynamics’ portfolio includes snow and ice control attachments sold under the BLIZZARD®, FISHER®, SNOWEX® and WESTERN® brands, turf care equipment under the TURFEX® brand, and industrial maintenance equipment under the SWEEPEX® brand. Additional information regarding Douglas Dynamics is available at

Milwaukee, WI
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What employees say

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Everything. The work I am able to do. The influence I can have on the business. The new ideas I'm able to bring forward. The relationships I've built.

I'm a person, not a number.

I am given the freedom to make decisions and I am empowered to act on those decisions.

Everyone cares about me as a person first, which allows me to perform my role at a high level.

I work with a fantastic team of individuals. We push each other in a positive way each day.

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