About Tangram


As a 501(c)3 United Way organization, Tangram supports people with disabilities by designing services to meet their specific needs and desires. We assist them to live full, meaningful, and happy lives, at home and as members of their community. Our staff, Board of Directors and partners are passionate about empowering persons with disabilities—closing the gap between persons with and persons without disabilities by recognizing that all individuals and their families have the right to determine their futures. Tangram prides itself on our vision for people living with disability. Just as the seven pieces of the tangram puzzle can form over 10,000 different figures, we believe that there are unlimited possibilities for adults and children living with disability. Each day, Tangram’s employees work to create a stronger, more diverse workforce; safer, more accessible homes and communities; and happier, more productive citizens.

Indianapolis, IN
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Tangram employee washes cars as part of Tangram's United Way campaign

Tangram employees don 'Ugly' sweaters during annual holidayparty

Tangram employees are awarded scholarships through Indiana Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (INARF)

An employee celebrates 5 years with Tangram

What employees say

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How well they care for their clients.

I feel like I'm making a difference in others' lives.

My co-workers are great and the clients are great. The clients make this job what it truly is. I genuinely love my job.