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About MOBI Wireless Management

MOBI was founded in 2009 and has quickly grown to manage mobility on a global scale. Based in Indianapolis, MOBI provides a combination of software and technology–enabled services to support mobile cost, deployment, support, and retirement issues. It combines the power of service-minded people and user-friendly technology to help companies better optimize, troubleshoot, and effectively manage multi-carrier wireless programs. MOBI has over 300 employees, supports over 150 enterprise customers, and manages over 700,000 devices. MOBI provides managed mobility services based on its proprietary cloud-based software platform and in-house managed services. MOBI’s software platform currently supports 19 languages. is based on a single integrated platform to support expense management, support, service orders, and integrations with mobile security and IT service solutions. MOBI also has an API that allows other platforms to integrate with MOBI’s. MOBI’s managed services offering includes supporting over 25,000 mobile transactions per month with a lifetime customer retention rate of 96%, including a 99% retention rate in 2015.

Indianapolis, IN
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MOBI employees participating in the ISC Corporate Challenge

Only MOBI would bring in camels to celebrate Hump Day during POWER (aka Employee Appreciation) Week.

2 of our MOBI founders getting pies in the face for MOBI Charity Challenge. The employees raised over $11,000 for local charities in 2015.

This is what happens when it's your birthday at MOBI. It took him awhile to get to work that day!

What employees say

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The MOBI culture.

It's challenging, always changing, and fun. I feel as though I'm always helping someone else grow and learn new things.

It is an open-minded company that cares for their employees as well as their customers.

Pay is pretty good, culture is excellent.

I have autonomy to innovate and contribute and drive positive change. The solution is well positioned in the market and allows me to be proud of what I'm putting in front of prospects.