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Optimal Care is a Medicare Certified comprehensive home health care agency. Our agency has developed Specialty Programs led by advance practice nurses in Geriatrics, Dementia Care, Orthopedic, Wound Care, Diabetes and Behavioral Health. Our goal is to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits while providing quality skilled care for home-bound patients. We assist patients to achieve their optimal level of medical and psychological health, while remaining safe within their home. We understand that the elderly patient has multiple needs - physical, emotional and spiritual. Our clinicians have advanced knowledge and expertise in geriatrics to help care for even the most complex patients. We work directly with physicians, patients, families and caregivers to develop a comprehensive, patient centered plan of care. Our goal is to achieve optimal patient satisfaction scores and clinical outcomes in physical and mental health for each patient entrusted to our care.

Bingham Farms, MI
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Erik Wilson, RN, MSN, CPHQ, Director OBQI, coordinating care for a resident with Dr. Beal.

Home Health Update - How to Improve your Care, and How You Must Change For Success. Inservice Presentation by Arnie Cisneros, PT, Owner HHSM.

Optimal Care, Inc's Three Nurse Owners surrounded by Leadership and Support Staff!

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