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F & M Bank is proud of its rich tradition and is committed to providing financial services and products to its clients that continue to make F & M Bank, “The Right Choice”. F & M Bank is “here for the long haul.” Our approach has always been to grow the bank prudently and to develop relationships that will be of benefit to our clients as well as F & M Bank, both today and in the future. Our philosophy is that the bank can not be successful unless our clients are successful. WE CARE about our team members —Our Officers and Employees enjoy working at F & M, which translates into prompt, personalized service to our clients. Our F&M team has a combined total of 1,000 years of banking experience. This longevity is a reflection of a culture that was built to create an environment in which employees want to come to work and are invested in what they do. WE PRIDE ourselves on local decision making, unique to each of our client's needs! This is a remarkable advantage and benefit to our clients and the communities we serve. WE AIM to grow and remain independent, while still being very responsive to the financial needs of our clients and communities.

Financial Services & Insurance
Manchester, IA

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