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ZOLL develops enterprise software for ambulance companies and fire agencies. The RescueNet Suite includes software for 911-dispatch, electronic patient care records, fire records management, crew scheduling, deployment and navigation, and business back-office functions. In a nutshell, we write the software that first responders use to save lives in the field. Our parent company, ZOLL Medical Corporation (www.zoll.com) is an industry leader in developing innovative resescutation products that improve outcomes for cardiac patients.

Information Technology
Chelmsford, MA
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What employees say

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It is fast-paced, fun, collaborative and flexible for my needs.

I feel we are always moving forward, making every effort to help save lives in the pre-hospital health industry.

I feel appreciated and my superiors do not talk down to me or my coworkers.

The work is very rewarding. The company is great. People are happy to work here and it shows in how people treat others.