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Tendril delivers personalized energy experiences for consumers around the world. Leading companies that want to establish a competitive advantage rely on? our software and solutions to better acquire, engage and activate their customers. To do ?this we employ the latest in energy science and data analytics to unveil a complete understanding of the individual consumer, including their unique needs and propensities to act. With this granular understanding, we help our customers unlock the true value of energy interactions. Tendril’s hope is to transform the residential energy market and work with utilities to help their customers decrease their energy usage. We have the right tools and data to empower customers to make sure residents are smarter on how they use energy and help show them how they can cut back.

Information Technology
Boulder, CO
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What employees say

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Great benefits, culture and people.

Tendril cares about the people who work here as humans, not just employees.

I'm really impressed by how much Tendril cares about its employees. Every effort is made to make coming to work fun, and management doesn't want to risk burning people out by working them to the bone.

My team is amazing and my manager is phenomenal at his job. Our culture is great, the perks are wonderful and the overall experience here has been fantastic.

Tendril consistently manages to keep work/life in balance as we grow both our product and customer base.