Solidyn Solutions, Inc., A Polaris Alpha Company

About Solidyn Solutions, Inc., A Polaris Alpha Company

Solidyn Solutions, Inc. provides highly skilled, engineering consultants to the Aerospace field. Our engineers develop long term relationships with large and medium sized Aerospace companies. Our staff work side by side with the other engineers on projects to develop solutions for our nations government. These include satellite command and control systems, large scale data processing and storage, Cyber solutions, and mission management. Our staff performs Systems Engineering, Software Development, Integration and Test, and Program Management services for companies like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, ManTech, and others in the Colorado region.

Information Technology
Greenwood Village, CO
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2015 Keystone Holiday Event

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What employees say

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I am a part of something important to the welfare of the USA.

I feel I am a valued employee and the owners actually do care about me and my family.

Every employee is provided with a generous training budget each year, and is expected to use that budget.

I feel valued, I have a sense of accomplishment each day. I get training in areas I think are of interest. Benefits are great and the management team cares about me and my family.

I feel that I am empowered to truly make a difference.