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Match Marketing Group is an integrated marketing agency spanning seven offices across the U.S. and Canada. Our Boulder Office specializes in designing experiential marketing campaigns that matter to the people they engage, and serve as the basis for content, social media buzz and PR-fueled storytelling. Simply put, we’re not in the business of creating more noise. With clients spanning automotive, consumer packaged goods, sports apparel, insurance, and luxury categories, we’re ready for any challenge that comes our way…unless of course it happens to be on a powder day, in which case we’ll call you from the chair lift.

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Norwalk, CT
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What employees say

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I work with my best friends.

The passion of my colleagues inspires me to put my best foot forward, and I am excited to come to work each day.

The people and the clients I work with on a daily basis!

Our culture is that of achievement to do world class work while at the same time fostering a place of fun, support, and growth.

It is a place where excellent work is expected, tools are provided to achieve this work, and much praise is received not only for the great work but the great effort.