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With roots dating back to 1889, First American brings experience, expertise and a wide range of products and services to consumers and the real estate and mortgage industries. Through its operating subsidiaries, First American offers title insurance, settlement services, property data and analytics, title data and technology, property and casualty insurance products, home warranty services and many others. With offices throughout the United States and in many global markets, First American serves a variety of customers, including residential and commercial real estate professionals, title agents and attorneys, mortgage lenders, homebuilders and consumers. Once a small, independent abstract company founded in Santa Ana, California, First American now employs thousands of professionals worldwide and has been traded on the New York Stock Exchange (FAF) since 1993. In 2013, Forbes Magazine named First American one of America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies. With a history of strength and expertise, First American continues to serve its global customers with the integrity and innovation they expect in an industry leader.

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Santa Ana, CA
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Flexibility and great people to work with.

I am given both the tools and the authority to do my job well.

There is continual growth in my position and company.

I am heard, appreciated and respected.

I am part of something bigger than myself.

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