Center for Hospice Care Southeast Connecticut

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Center for Hospice Care is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing deep care to people in Southeastern Connecticut. For our patients, we are there every step of the way as they near and arrive at the end of their life’s journey, providing them expert hospice and palliative care that enables them to sustain quality of life and die in comfort, with dignity. We consider the entire family to be our unit of care, which means we support the family through their experience before and after the death of their loved one, including with extended bereavement counseling services. We provide care to anyone in the community who needs it and meets the qualifications for care, even if they are uninsured and unable to pay. Over 30 years of serving our community, we have cared for nearly 12,000 patients and their families.

Norwich, CT
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Center for Hospice Care Administrative Office and Community Bereavement Center

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