Lithko Contracting LLC

About Lithko Contracting LLC

Lithko Contracting, LLC is a full service concrete contracting company with a unique local service model designed to keep co-workers close to home and support career growth. Lithko operates 14+ BURGs (locations) in approximately 35 states. Each BURG is a full service concrete contractor that uses Lithko processes to deliver exceptional results.

Cincinnati, OH
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What employees say

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There is nowhere else that has standards this high. A lot of other companies seem to ride on the wake of Lithko's success and trend settings. That makes me proud of where I am.

You are given all the tools to perform properly. There is someone always there to help when help is needed.

I get to have a say in the direction of a growing company

Hard work is appreciated!

I love the culture and the opportunity Lithko provides to its coworkers.

It's a growing company with a lot of opportunity for every employee.