About CrossChx

CrossChx is identity resolution for smarter healthcare. We create a universal patient profile to organize healthcare data, enabling a new breed of innovative applications. Since 2012, CrossChx has streamlined care for over 20 million patients across the United States. SafeChx, our flagship app, creates a unique ID that verifies a patient’s identity, instantly linking them to all of their medical records. SafeChx is given to healthcare providers absolutely free and uses a simple fingerprint scan to ensure the right person receives the right care. SafeChx allows hospitals to identify and prevent duplicate medical records, and protects patients against medical identity theft. It saves time, money, and lives by preventing medical errors due to inaccurate medical record information. CrossChx also offers Queue, an advanced patient registration kiosk that automatically calculates patient wait-times and provides access to analytics, which has helped hospitals to reduce patient wait times by as much as 50%. We also give hospitals access to Quad, the first app marketplace for healthcare. In short, CrossChx is fundamentally changing healthcare.

Information Technology
Columbus, OH
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The fact that all employees are very aware of the values and ethics that we take seriously and, as a result, they are followed by all employees.

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