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To best meet the needs of our students, Valley Christian Academy is really three schools within one-- a pre-kindergarten for 4 year olds, an Elementary school for grades K-5, and a Middle School for grades 6-8.VCA exists to build a godly foundation in our students through Christ-centered education in cooperation with the Christian home and church so that our students know, love, and obey Jesus Christ. We take very seriously that what differentiates us from other forms of schooling is that every area of VCA remains Christ-centered: our curriculum, our activities, our faculty and staff, our purpose and the atmosphere of the school.

Aurora, OH
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What employees say

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There is sharing of ideas among colleagues and the faculty and staff motivate each other to a higher standard.

I get to do what I love.

My principal checks in to let us know how much we are appreciated. She sends thoughtful emails from time to time.

My job is fulfilling. When I go home, I know that I did the best I could, I was appreciated for what I did, and that what I am doing will make a difference.

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