Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School

About Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School

Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School (formerly The Agnon School) blends superior general academics with Jewish studies in a pluralist setting, ensuring our community doesn't need to choose between a quality Jewish or secular education. Accredited for excellence by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States, Mandel JDS provides personalized instruction and engaged learning that leads to academic excellence, love of Judaism and respect for all. A Project Based Learning model, combined with an integrated and dual language curriculum, ensure our graduates move on with the necessary skills to achieve success in the 21st century workforce. Academic success in high school and beyond, community involvement, personal pride, a strong sense of values, and a deep connection to the land and people of Israel are hallmarks of our alumni.

Beachwood,, OH
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Individualized instruction in a nurturing environment is provided to all students.

Love of, pride in, and knowledgeable about our Jewish heritage is furthered at every level.

Academic success that goes far beyond teaching to the test involves integrating knowledge across curricula. It's just one part of the excellence that lead to ISACS certification.

Ensuring parents don't need to choose between superior general academics and a solid Jewish education that includes pride and joy, Hebrew fluency, and connection to the Land and People of Israel...that's Mandel JDS

What employees say

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I can be creative and am not limited in my job.

I feel so strongly about the product.

I am respected, valued, appreciated and I believe I make a difference.

Mandel JDS is a community. We are a family that works to educate and inspire the next generation. We have great people collaborating to exceed even our expectations.

I feel good about what I do. I believe in the mission of the school.

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