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OhioGuidestone is a community solutions organization. We offer a unique blend of behavioral health treatment services, skill building programs and prevention opportunities for children and families. At OhioGuidestone, many of our clients struggle with a lack of education and life skills, and don’t know how to access personal or community resources to help them improve their situations. We not only help resolve problems that already exist, but teach skills to help individuals become self-sufficient, and prevent future obstacles to success. Our services help individuals not only to survive, but thrive.

Berea, OH
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Stepstone Academy Scholar with the UMC Bishop

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What employees say

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We are all in it for the same reason and purpose.

They truly listen to my concerns, and I really feel as though they understand who I am as professional.

They really care for their employees, and I feel like I have a voice in working for OhioGuidestone.

The culture and working environment.

I feel that we make a difference in the lives of the children and families that we serve.

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