The F.D. Lawrence Electric Co.

About The F.D. Lawrence Electric Co.

The F.D. Lawrence Electric Company is a wholesale distributor of electrical supplies, lighting equipment, and distribution, control, and automation products. We work with tri-state businesses, contractors, design engineers, and electricians to help meet their electrical, control and lighting needs.

Distribution, Logistics, & Freight
Cincinnati, OH

The F.D. Lawrence Team

Members of the F.D. Lawrence management team

F.D. Lawrence Christmas Party - 1938

Original location at 217-219 West Fourth St

What employees say

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I care about the people I work with.

They are very flexible with family issues and doctor appointments.

The people I work with. They genuinely care about you personally and it creates a family environment. You want to perform at your best because everyone succeeds when we work together.

It lets me work with fun and talented people.