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School Outfitters is dedicated to supporting 21st-century classrooms so students can excel and educators can thrive. We’re an industry-leading retailer of school furniture and equipment and we have the industry know-how to help you plan for a single classroom or a school-wide renovation. School Outfitters creates engaging e-commerce experiences and provides expert phone and chat help. We handle marketing, product management, I.T., sales and customer service in-house, and live by the rule of relentlessly searching for the better.

Advertising & Marketing
Norwood, OH
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What employees say

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The people.

I have a meaningful impact on people and their life circumstances. The environment is beautiful, coworkers enjoy their jobs and our management is a joy to serve under.

I am valued, I believe in the goal of the company, I am allowed to be creative and express my opinions and because I am part of something larger than just sales.

I get to take on new challenges and grow while enjoying life.

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