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We’re a different kind of logistics company. We do arrange for thousands of truckload shipments all across the US every year, and we also have our own fleet of trucks. But compared to others in our industry, we’re still small, which means your opportunity is bigger because the person sitting next to you is your teammate instead of your competition. And the owners will not only know your name, but likely your favorite sports team, too. Our team members work hard every day to take care of each other, our communities, our customers, & our carriers, and it’s these kinds of people—not tools, not software, not trucks—that give us our competitive advantage.

Distribution, Logistics, & Freight
Cincinnati, OH
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What employees say

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I help to make a difference in people's lives.

I love the company and people I work with. I feel important and appreciated.

I feel valued and I enjoy what I do.

The potential. Great people surround and support me to truly make my personal and work goals come true.

I'm impressed most by their attention to detail and their vision for the future.

The people and the daily challenges.

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