Lighthouse Youth & Family Services

About Lighthouse Youth & Family Services

Lighthouse Youth Services is dedicated to advancing the dignity and well-being of children, youth and families in need. The Lighthouse staff consists of more than 550 full and part-time employees, assisted by 200+ volunteers. The agency provides services to homeless youth and runaways; early childhood services; home-based services to families; services to delinquent youth; community residential treatment facilities; foster care & adoption; and independent living services and opportunities through education.

Cincinnati, OH
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What employees say

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My coworkers and supervisors work hard and cooperatively.

I get to help girls change their lives for the better.

Everyone is so kind and caring. My supervisor is amazing and it makes the bad times worth it.

How we care about improving our mistakes.

I am valued and taken care off. I am supported and my supervisor helps me out.

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