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LCS is a developer of cutting-edge business technologies that transform the way our customers do business. Our ability to create great solutions for property management professionals stems from employing a great workforce—and there’s no question that LCS’ number one asset is our staff. We recognize that our talented employees are the reason we continue to grow and increase revenue year after year. Likewise, our employees think so highly of LCS that they have repeatedly nominated us as an Enquirer Media Top Workplace, resulting in the company winning this coveted award for the past five years. LCS’ products include RENT MANAGER property management software, rmVoIP telephone systems, and enterprise-level hosting solutions via our SENTRY DATA CENTER. We also provide complete network design, implementation, support, and custom website development through our IT SERVICES and WEB DESIGN SERVICES divisions. We continually strive to design, develop, demonstrate, and support innovative technologies for our customers. Focused on quality, urgency, and execution, LCS delivers creative solutions for every business.

Information Technology
Cincinnati, OH
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What employees say

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Great environment, great benefits, and great people.

I get to work with great people. I learn something new every day. I am encouraged to share my ideas.

I believe in our owner, our products, and I truly enjoy what I do! The management team is fair, approachable, and flexible, which has allowed me to find the perfect balance of work and family life.

The people I work with! I really love this company and am proud to work at LCS.

The constant growth and change makes LCS a great place to work. Work never becomes stale and there are always new opportunities.

Providing a work/life balance is that is very supported by LCS. LCS is a company that understands the importance of family and is always accommodating when needed.

The culture of LCS is amazing. Teamwork is essential and commonplace. The team members and team leads are constantly collaborating, which leads to a stronger product for customers and employees.

I love my job because the people I work with have become family. The work environment encourages positivity, growth, and teamwork.

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