Kinetic Vision

About Kinetic Vision

Kinetic Vision has been developing cutting edge products and technology for an international customer base since 1988. We are a full-service firm bringing design, engineering and development talent together to deliver progressive and imaginative product and process technology solutions. Our areas of expertise include concept ideation and industrial design, prototype development, product design and engineering, custom software development, first article inspection, VR/AR, patent Illustration, product visual communication and digital media creation. We are creative and curious, and are driven to help our partners and clients use new technology in better ways. These core values are integrated deep within our culture and our valued employees are the reason for our success. We believe in delivering exceptional service while providing quality, timeliness and value for every project.

Cincinnati, OH

What employees say

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The opportunity to learn.

The amount of opportunity around me.

I get to work on a variety of projects and the work we do is on the cutting edge of technology. We help solve problems that are meaningful to our clients and society as a whole.

The ability to grow as an engineer and to be creative.

I'm surrounded by hard working people who are innovative and whom I have great professional trust with.