Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation

About Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation


UDSMR provides rehabilitation hospitals, units, and clinicians with the tools they need for patient case management, quality improvement, and benchmarking. We maintain the world’s largest database of medical rehabilitation outcomes, which allows hospitals to compare their performances regionally, nationally, and internationally with those of similar healthcare organizations. Our products and services allow rehabilitation providers to measure patients at admission, discharge, and post-discharge on many parameters (eating, grooming, walking, dressing, etc.) and to work with patients to restore their functional ability and safely discharge them back to the community. As healthcare evolves, we are exploring new tools and solutions for other venues of care, including home health care, outpatient, and adult day care. We are piloting some new tools in a variety of geographic and reimbursement environments to help meet the twin challenges of an aging population and shrinking healthcare funds. Our mission, our employees, and our subscribers are having a positive impact on the quality of daily living for hundreds of thousands of patients each year.

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It offers opportunities to make contributions to improve the rehabilitation industry.