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Horizon is Western New York's largest provider of mental health and addiction counseling services. We provide a comprehensive array of services both individual and outpatient counseling for adolescents, young adults and adults suffering from mental health disorders and drug and alcohol abuse. We provide group counseling, family counseling, vocational training, supportive housing and case management services throughout all 18 of our locations. We have a 50-bed inpatient residential addiction treatment facility, Horizon Village which sits on our Horizon Village campus. The campus is also comprised of a primary medical care facility, wellness center and a new 25-bed inpatient veteran’s facility to support our serviceman and offers specialized behavioral health services for those dealing with mental health and addiction issues. In every aspect of our business, we strive to provide hope, treatment and innovative services to provide the foundation for recovery. We envision a future where our clients and their families can easily access Horizon’s effective health and recovery services by using emerging practices and the absolute best practices.

Buffalo, NY
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What employees say

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Great mission. Best team of people to work with. Smart. Talented. Committed.

Horizon provides a great work/life balance and an opportunity to learn and grow.

I have the flexibility to utilize my creatively.

The efficiency of the staff, the benefits package, and the work environment.

The HHS culture and the difference HHS makes in the community.