DiVal Safety Equipment, Inc.

About DiVal Safety Equipment, Inc.


DiVal is a distributor of safety, industrial, contractor, MRO supplies and related training, repair, and support services. DiVal provides products and services that are designed to keep people safe and productive on the job. Doing "whatever it takes" since 1977 to keep customers satisfied - for life.

Distribution, Logistics, & Freight
Buffalo, NY
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What employees say

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I am acknowledged and appreciated for my skills and contribution to the success of our company.

I feel I make a difference. I am given the autonomy to do my job without a lot of interference.

I have the opportunity to do my job on my own, and when I need help, it is always there.

We are rewarded and acknowledged for the work that we do. Our owner and managers really appreciate the hard work we put in to each day.

The family atmosphere, and the ability to work hard and have fun at the same time.