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We are developing an entirely new class of medicines based on the breakthrough discovery in biology known as RNA interference, or RNAi. We believe that RNAi therapeutics are a promising approach to silence disease-causing genes, & represent an opportunity to transform the treatment of many diseases. VISION: Harnessing a revolution in biology for human health® MISSION: Build a top-tier biopharmaceutical company founded on RNAi We are leading the translation of RNAi as a new class of innovative medicines with a core focus on RNAi therapeutics toward genetically defined targets for the treatment of serious, life-threatening diseases with limited treatment options for patients & their caregivers. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in everything we do, earning us a leadership position in both the science and business of RNAi therapeutics that is recognized worldwide. We come together from dozens of countries. We speak over 20 languages. We have diverse educations, backgrounds, skill sets, lives, and turns of phrase. We listen. We laugh. We know what to take seriously. We work incredibly hard. We do many things at a time, but have a resolute focus on creating innovative medicines

Cambridge, MA
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