About Clari

Clari delivers Predictive Sales Analytics to drive action. Using Clari, companies can increase their close rates by 25%, shrink sales cycles by 30%, and increase forecast accuracy by 40%. Clari’s data science in the cloud analyzes critical sales information — including CRM, email, calendar, news and social media — evaluating the reps progress, the customer’s communication, and the quality of every opportunity in the pipeline. With Clari... - Executives easily identify key areas of risk in the forecast, - Managers have new visibility into opportunities needing attention, and - Reps get actionable insights about accounts and relationships to help close deals faster. Clari’s data science engine is growing at a significant clip — analyzing more than 1.5 billion deals throughout 2014. Unlike other predictive analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools that can take weeks to deploy, Clari’s Predictive Sales Analytics can deliver value to the entire sales organization in under two minutes.

Information Technology
Sunnyvale, CA
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