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The SURVICE Engineering Company provides a wide range of research, development, testing, and analysis services for the Department of Defense, homeland security, advanced technology, environmental, and commercial markets. SURVICE’s core business areas are systems analysis and engineering, test and evaluation, modeling and simulation/software engineering, dimensional metrology and reverse engineering, and information technologies and management. In addition, some of SURVICE’s many special technologies include Rayforce, a real-time ray-tracing engine for high-precision, high-speed imagery; SURVICE Fire Works, a unique collection of tools and expertise focused on the prediction, protection, and mitigation of the fire threat to combat systems; TurobPK, a fast, powerful survivability/vulnerability computer program to simulate and analyze kinetic weapons effects; and the Hoverbike, an innovative new drone capability and platform being collaboratively developed and tested by SURVICE and a team of corporate and military partners.

Belcamp, MD
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The Hoverbike is being collaboratively developed by the United Kingdom-based Malloy Aeronautics and the Maryland-based SURVICE Engineering Company

Ariel view of Aberdeen Area Operation, Belcamp, MD

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