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From 4 years of age through Eighth Grade, The Davis Academy provides a challenging and enriching education based on a rigorous and innovative curriculum. In student-centered classrooms, teachers use expertise, experience, caring and guidance to get to know each child and nurture the development of his or her unique talents. Beyond academics, we teach life skills, instill Jewish values, and provide diverse experiences so that our students become well-balanced and self-confident individuals. Davis Academy students distinguish themselves academically, as well as in the arts and sports. The strong foundation they receive at Davis enables our graduates to succeed at the high schools and colleges of their choice, with exemplary academic and leadership skills.

Atlanta`, GA
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Davis Academy Middle School students

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Davis Academy Kindergarten students

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What employees say

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I do work that makes a difference, while continuing to learn and grow.

Making a difference in the future of our community, the field of education, and the Jewish people.

The atmosphere, the support, the love.

The legacy I leave behind: touching and shaping the next generation of Jewish people.