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At Pace, we hire joyful professionals dedicated to their crafts and passionate about making a difference in the lives of children. From facilities to the fine arts, our employees are experts in their fields and, with the school’s support, seek out opportunities to further develop as professionals. Pace strives to provide an environment that stimulates physical, psychological and social health, respect for diversity and a spirit of service. To that end, Pace faculty and staff actively participate in the life of the school. You’ll find our employees in the stands at athletic competitions, in the audience at school plays and concerts and working alongside students through our service-learning program. In addition, our faculty and staff travel the globe as study-tour advisors with our Isdell Center for Global Leadership (ICGL), fulfilling our mission to create prepared, confident citizens of the world.

Atlanta, GA
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What employees say

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They truly have the best interest of students at heart.

I feel encouraged, supported, and inspired every day.

Everyone is very disciplined and self-motivated.

I'm excited that Pace truly wants to prepare students for the future and that they invest in programming that will help achieve this goal.

The people I get to work with.