About Himformatics


We are a Healthcare Information Technology and Revenue Cycle consulting firm, specializing in helping healthcare delivery organizations maximize the value of their investments. We solve difficult problems by developing innovative solutions — some technology-based, and some carbon-based. We look for collaborative opportunities where we can provide real value and have a real impact. We do not make assumptions and we prefer to LISTEN first to what our clients need. Most importantly, we do not do projects “just to do them”. Our projects must have true value and at the core of our business, we always remember that the PATIENT is the purpose. Himformatics is renowned for our insight, creativity, and most importantly, our integrity. Our associates have a blend of consultative and “real-world” operational experience, and this allows us to serve our clients through all phases of a project – from planning through implementation and optimization.

Information Technology
Atlanta, GA

What employees say

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I love the autonomy. I am given an assignment and trusted to do my job well. I am trusted to make the right decisions about what needs to be done and take care of issues myself.

It's varied, never dull, my schedule is flexible, and I feel challenged.

Everyone is treated as an equal and we all take full responsibility for our clients. People feel a personal responsibility to make their clients successful, which in turn makes the company successful.

The opportunity to identify my own formal training.

Our ability to sustain the culture and quality of associates.

My associates are tremendous, smart, dedicated, high-energy, fun, dependable.