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Ours is not just any funeral home. With 110 years of experience, and highly professional, friendly and compassionate staff, French Funerals & Cremations is the first choice for hundreds of area families each year. We are proud to embrace traditional values, diversity, and innovation in honoring the spirit and life of each person we serve. French Funerals & Cremations offers a full selection of: -Funeral and memorial services, ranging from traditional to uniquely innovative and personal -Burial services and cremation options -Celebrant Services Letting go of a loved one is usually a very difficult process. In order to provide your family peace-of-mind, French Funerals & Cremations offers complete care, so that families can focus on comforting each other as they prepare to say goodbye to someone dear. We hope families will turn to us for compassionate care and impeccable service. Our pledge is to honor everyone with dignity, respect and personal attention to every detail.

Albuquerque, NM
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Our leadership invests in the best technology and training available to help equip the employees to do their job in the most efficient manner.

It makes a difference in the lives of others.

That I am valued.

I get to help families and share our values with so many people.

I can make a difference in families' lives.

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