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About Alta Mira Specialized Family Services

Alta Mira Specialized Family Services, Inc. supports individuals with developmental risks, delays or disabilities and their families to optimize quality of life. Every day individuals and families are faced with challenges, large and small. Our staff members have the skills, the resources, and the passion to assist in facing these challenges; but also the knowledge that the individual and his or her family and their support system, know best what will work for them. Alta Mira’s philosophy supports the family as the experts. We respect the diversity and individuality of each person and the community they belong to. Services and supports are always developed based on the individual’s and family’s choices. As of 2013, Alta Mira has supported 489 individuals through Family Support Services alone, and 829 individuals through our Early Intervention Program. Alta Mira has 4 locations: our main office, a satellite office on the west side, a respite home and a preschool center in Estancia, NM.

Albuquerque, NM

What employees say

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Our mission is second to none and we do important work. The people, combined with the mission, are the reason I am excited to work at Alta Mira. We have an excellent reputation.

The clients, and freedom to plan our day.

Alta Mira always puts the individuals we support first.

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