About Arion Systems, Inc.

Arion Systems, a Virginia based engineering services company, provides our customers in the defense, intelligence, and commercial sectors with systems, solutions, and services developed locally and delivered globally. We bring the power of the engineering and scientific disciplines and the latest technology to solving our customers' challenging technical and operational problems. We deliver state-of-the-art secure communications and information technology solutions to our customers' global networks. Our development of cost-effective, high-speed computational solutions, signal processing algorithms, and special purpose communications systems provide our customers valued operational capabilities.

To our customers' system acquisition programs, we contribute experienced systems engineers, program management professionals, and subject matter experts. Our subject matter expertise spans a range of disciplines that includes ocean engineering, naval architecture, mechanical design, software, signal processing, acoustics, optics, and most communications and IT technologies.

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What employees say

“Great environment.”
“I get paid to work with great people and to better myself.”
“I get to work alongside some of the brightest people in the industry.”
“It has taken me farther than I believed possible.”
“The leadership of ASI does a great job compensating employees for delivering exceptional output. This fosters a desire to continue to deliver the best product to our customer.”
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