About ARG, Inc.

ARG is an award-winning consultancy and broker of technology services. Celebrating our 25th year as an industry-leader, ARG supports clients across a broad spectrum of critical business technology needs. On average, we save clients 20—40% of their current technology expenditures. Not only do we provide complete solutions, we fully support the services we recommend at no cost, so clients can focus their time and energy on their core business. ARG acts as a liaison on behalf of clients; to design, implement, and manage technology in the most effective way.

Our goal is to understand your entire picture, and our team is here to provide solutions in voice, data, dedicated internet access, audio & web conferencing, hosted voice, colocation, cloud computing, managed mobility, and much more. The purchasing power of thousands of clients results in the best possible rates and ARG’s 600+ years of collective experience and reputation in the industry has led to seats on the advisory boards of many tech companies. These high level relationships provide quick resolution through priority lines and other resources not available to consumers.

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What employees say

“I have been empowered with every resource I need to do my best work. Additionally, I feel valued and encouraged by all of the staff and management.”
“It allows me to be an individual. ”
“We are constantly reminded about what part we all play in reaching the overarching/unifying goals of our company.”
“Yes. I have never seen a workplace care so much about me as an individual. ”
“The inspiration to be a team player.”
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