About Kitware, Inc.

Kitware, Inc. is a leader in the creation and support of open-source software and state-of-the-art technology. Kitware’s expertise spans five core areas: high-performance computing and visualization, medical computing, computer vision, data and analytics, and quality software process. Significant synergies exist between Kitware's expert teams, enabling Kitware to leverage the right tools to meet customers’ needs. Kitware has a long-standing commitment to and practice of open-source principles. Through this practice, Kitware fosters extended, collaborative communities around its software and technology solutions.

These solutions entail developing turnkey, end-user applications; tailoring applications and tools for customers; and porting tools to specialized computing platforms. Kitware delivers its solutions to academic organizations, government institutions, and private corporations worldwide, and it offers support through documentation, professional consulting services, and software training.

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What employees say

“Great people, good food, concerns are listened to.”
“I get to work on interesting challenges every day.”
“It enables me to feel challenged and appreciated. ”
“The opportunity to develop advanced technology.”
“We're making software that lots of people use and that will last for a very long time.”
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