About Excelsior College

Founded as Regents College in 1971 and chartered as a private, nonprofit institution in 1998, the College was renamed Excelsior College in 2001. Excelsior means “ever upward” in Latin, and it reflects the aspirations of our students and graduates. Excelsior College is an accredited, recognized leader in removing obstacles to the educational goals of the adult learner. We provide efficient and affordable access to higher education through multiple avenues to degree completion.

What employees say

“I make a difference for the students.”
“My skills are appreciated and valued. My background, education and prior experience are all valued.”
“Our team is amazing. We always back each other up. We are constantly encouraged by our supervisor. We work at all levels to get all the work done with multiple deadlines.”
“The people and the mission.”
“The college is forever looking forward, trying to find the best and most efficient and innovative means to provide services the our student population as well as to staff.”
Where to find Excelsior College