About Entrada

Entrada is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions that improve healthcare efficiencies and outcomes. Our commitment is to protect physician and staff productivity for the next generation of patient care. Entrada’s workflow solution protects physician productivity before, during and after the transition to an EHR system. With seamless integration into all major EHRs, Entrada’s mobile documentation solution provides a fast, easy way to document clinical information and makes EHRs much easier to adopt and use. With Entrada, providers can dictate from anywhere with their preferred mobile device, and after back-end processing and editing, Entrada's ExpressNote technology inserts the finished narrative directly into individual text fields within your EHR templates.

Entrada gives your providers the freedom to dictate within EHR templates without being inside the EHR. Providers and staff can access Entrada from all of the most popular Apple iOS mobile and tablet devices - including iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad - as well as popular Android mobile devices.

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What employees say

“Everyone around here strives to get things done. Yet, at the same time, it's the most relaxed environment that I've ever worked in. ”
“I feel that I am both valued and respected, and that management wants us to succeed. I enjoy coming in every morning. ”
“I have a lot of support, flexibility, and sell a great product.”
“This is the most fun I have ever had working with a group of people. We are building a special company and it is exciting to see that unfold.”
“We have built an amazingly talented team of people who have come together united for a single purpose.”
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