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About FairWarning

FairWarning builds trust by safeguarding sensitive and personal information held in our customers' mission critical applications. In healthcare, FairWarning's solutions have been broadly adopted allowing patients to confidently share their most sensitive medical information to receive the best care possible. Over 1,500 hospitals and 7,400 total medical facilities around the world use FairWarning Patient Privacy Monitoring and Managed Privacy Services to expand trust with their patients. With FairWarning for Salesforce, our customers adopt our solutions to rapidly safeguard and govern access to people's financial information, medical information and personal details of all kinds that is being held in the cloud.

FairWarning for Salesforce allows these customers to confidentially focus on expanding their business, moving fast, and leveraging the entire Salesforce platform to create closer linkages with their customers, employees and partners. The company's privacy breach detection software solutions are compatible with over 185 electronic health record systems and are delivered as a turn-key appliance with over 200 proprietary privacy breach analytics included.

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What employees say

“Enables me to reach my full potential. ”
“Every day is a new challenge.”
“I am able to learn and grow in a stable environment. FairWarning management is INCREDIBLE. Easily the most talented people in the area, and I have learned so much from them.”
“I am appreciated and my hard work is acknowledged.”
“I feel like I am appreciated and heard. The executive team provides ample opportunity for growth. They really do care about everyone's well-being, and that's very rare in this day and age in America.”
“The people, the experience, and the quality of work-life balance.”
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