About Think Through Math

Designed for students in Grades 3 through Algebra, Think Through Math (TTM) provides unprecedented differentiation, personalized instruction, meaningful practice, and just-in-time LIVE tutoring from bilingual, certified U.S. teachers. The program is proven to deepen conceptual understanding, build life-changing thinking skills and practices, and prepare students for success at grade-level. Based on the world’s largest body of cognitive research conducted by the U.S. Air Force, Think Through Math sets a new standard for delivering impactful, Web-based content and motivating underperforming students.

What employees say

“I am able to help children.”
“I get to help improve kids' lives!”
“It allows me to be a part of something that truly matters in the grand scheme of things.”
“The ultimate goal is always to help students to be successful in mathematics. ”
“Inspire! ”
“They get it and really care!”
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