About CarSense

CarSense is a whole new way to buy a pre-owned car. It’s completely free of the usual haggling, nagging uncertainties, and maddening frustrations that ruin the pleasure of buying a car. You'll notice the difference the minute you set foot on a CarSense lot. Salespeople don't pester you, because they're not paid on a commission basis. There's no tension. Our best price - often hundreds lower than Kelley Blue Book - is already on the sticker.

What employees say

“CarSense has allowed me to grow as an employee and as a person. ”
“I am given the freedom to conduct my job as I see fit.”
“I can use my skills and be part of a great company.”
“The people that I work with are amazing. The company genuinely cares about the employees. ”
“The pay and flexibility. ”
Where to find CarSense