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About Think Brownstone

Think Brownstone, Inc. is an Experience Design firm founded in 2007, employing 60+ consultants with expertise in various design, technology, media and business-related disciplines. Focused primarily on digital interfaces including responsive web-based and native mobile applications, Think Brownstone uses a research-driven methodology to ensure design decisions are always based on evidence. Areas of specialty include data visualization, complex transactional systems, driving engagement in business applications, and designing within complex legal and regulatory environments.

What employees say

“Great work/life balance and team chemistry.”
“I get to work on many projects in different industries. ”
“I work with a great group of individuals who are almost all entirely devoted to doing their best work. ”
“I'm surrounded by very smart, hard-working people who want to see me succeed and genuinely love the work we do.”
“The most motivational aspect about working for Think Brownstone is the people. ”
Where to find Think Brownstone