About Acadian Care LLC

We are a private practice child psychiatric clinic that also provides some adult services. We value the community, each other, and we work very hard every day to help our patients overcome the behavioral and mental health obstacles that are affecting their lives.

What employees say

“We get to work with children and families that need help. Acadian Care staff has never forced me to make difficult decisions re: prioritizing and management is extremely flexible. ”
“We help so many people, and the staff is a pleasure to work with and they give their best effort to help me do my job better.”
“The staff and culture.”
“How we make a difference in the community. When we help even one child, we help form ripple effects of goodness through the community.”
“How much people care. Our staff genuinely cares about the patients and I also feel that my supervisors and providers also genuinely care about me. ”
Where to find Acadian Care LLC