About Allliance Data

We are Marketing and loyalty experts. As providers of branded credit cards for top companies, it’s easy to assume we’re simply a bank – but the truth is, we’re so much more than that. Focused on growing our partners’ sales (rather than building our own portfolio), our team of experts is on the cutting edge of marketing, loyalty and data-driven insights – making us relationship builders who drive results and create connections. That’s deliberately different, and that’s exactly who we are.

What employees say

“The culture is amazing, the managers are welcoming and are open to questions.”
“It fits my flexibility, allows me to work from home, the people are wonderful to work with, and the benefits are excellent.”
“The people that I work with are very friendly and competitive. They also recognize people that deserve it, and the compensation they offer is, bar none, the best I've seen.”
“Being able to make the impact that we do.”
“That Alliance Data lives by them instead of just stating them.”
Where to find Allliance Data